Saas Pedia – Saas Growth Kit

Are you struggling to get the first 1000 users for your Saas?
You can Launch your startup in this list of 1,743+ places where you can promote your startup and get the first 1000 users.

This list includes:

75+ Platforms to Launch your Startup
170+ AI Directories to Promote your Saas
180+ Communities to Promote your Saas
200+ Startup Directories for Promotions
200+ Podcasts to Promote your Saas
240+ Guest Posting Opportunities(+Emails)
600+ AI/Tech YouTube Channels (+Emails)
1,100+ AI/Tech Newsletters (+Emails)
1,000+ VC investor contacts (with their investment preferences)
500+ ChatGPT Prompts to Grow Your Saas Startup
200+ AI Startup Business Ideas
40+ Upcoming SaaS Events to Promote your Tool
48+ Subreddits which you can duplicate & use it for your launch.
100+ Product Hunt Creators & Hunters on Twitter to follow
20+ Saas Launch Examples
200+ tools for Saas founders
Lifetime access to the whole database (with updates)
Very detailed tips for leveraging acquisition channels
And a LOT more!
You will get:

Exposure to 13m+ monthly traffic
Approx upto 1000 paying users without paid ads
Quality backlinks without much efforts

Author: stephan