Lytbox Academy – Design with Elementor

Here’s What’s Included:
Complete Elementor + Web Design Course
Guides to Frameworks, Systems, & Processes
Templates, Resources, and Assets
A ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ Theme
A Dedicated Support & Collaboration Space
Live Design Sessions Group Calls (Bi-Monthly)
All New 2.0 Course Included (you’ll get first access when released)
80+ Lessons and 7 Modules
A clear and easy to follow process to streamline your web design and Elementor training.

Build Your Own Design Systems
You’ll be guided in creating your own personal design systems and processes.

Live Design Coaching Calls
You’ll have access to our support & collaboration space plus we have 2 live calls every month.

For Beginner & Intermediate Levels
Perfect for anyone getting started or ready to improve how you build sites.

Complete Your Own Pro Level Website
Have a Professional website designed and ready for your portfolio.

Include All Future Updates & Support
Design with Elementor is set for the next 2 years of updates and new versions. You get it all!

Develop Web Design & UI Skills
Learn and master the design process to build high ticket, high performing sites.

Master Elementor Websites
Learn how to setup and use Elementor like Industry experts and streamline your process.

Next Level Group Coaching
Exclusive access to a community of designers with monthly live coaching calls.

The Most Complete Web Design Course for Elementor:
This is a complete web design journey taking you through UI and UX and all the way to begin using your evolved web skills in your business.
Elementor The Right Way
A clear and easy to follow process to streamline your web design and Elementor training.

Choosing Colors and Fonts
Discover the process used by pro designers selecting colors and fonts for we

Design Thinking
Develop the mindset required to strategically approach design to solve problems.

Learn Design Systems
Build a strong foundation by learning about colors, type & grids to create your own systems.

Conversion Rate Optimizations
Learn about creating designs that not just look great, but bring results for clients and yourself.

User Journeys and Sitemaps
Learn how to study and understand target audiences and map user journeys to create effective sitemaps.

Optimized for Performance
Learn how to make Elementor websites load fast with peak performance.

Design Elementor Elements
Learn how to design website elements like sections, buttons, icon lists, & much more!

Continue Learning & Growth
Even after the course, you will continue learning through the community and monthly live calls.

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