George Hutton – Secret Agent Persuasion

Secret Agent Persuasion
Put Your Ideas So Deeply Into Their Mind They’ll Unthinkingly Act On Them And Never Suspect A Thing
Conscious Training
You get a comprehensive manual, filled with the psychological and technical background about what human communication really is. How nearly everybody tries the same system of persuasion and nearly always fails due to its inherent confrontational nature. How you can flip the switch inside your own mind, and learn the truth about how to get them salivating to do whatever you want, all the while thinking it was their idea.

Maximize Your Language Skills

Insane Party Tricks

Manipulation Obliteration

Effortless Influence

Secret Agent Seduction

Love Generating Power

Explosions of Popularity

The Two Most Powerful Tricks

Zero Need For Memorized Patterns

Your Targets Always Do All The Work

Little Mental Effort Required

Secret Agent Mindset

The Ghost of Dale Carnegie

Your Biggest Obstacle

Why Might Makes Right

Why Your Ego Stops You

How To Shut Down Your Ego Completely

The Secret Of Rapport

Two Levels of Rapport

How To Lead and Follow At Once

Why Meta Model Is The Holy Grail of Language

What Everybody Does Wrong with the Meta Model

Deep Desire Expansion Techniques

Expanding Thought Patterns

Get Them Salivating For More

Turn All Communication To Happiness Generation

Time Travel Brain Flips

Easy Spatial Anchoring

Facial Expression Anchoring

Command Tonality Anchoring

The Holy Trinity of Persuasion

How To Build Obedience Switches

How To Create An Army of Supporters

The Godfather Structure

Deeper Structure of Desire

The Fungibility of Desire

Ancient Advertising Secrets

Pavlovian Desire Transplants

Specific Sales Examples

Easily Sell Real Estate

Get Big Ticket Retail Commissions

Make Millions In Network Marketing

Easy Peasy Phone Sale

Effortless Phone Closing

Make Any High Pressure Phone Sales Boring

Make Any High Pressure Phone Sales Lucrative

Ace Any Job Interview

Get Job Offers Even If You Aren’t Qualified

Make Your Existing Boss Your Willing Servant

Enhance Existing Relationships

Turn Your Relationship Into A Romance Movie

Get Your Partner To Never Leave You

Create Lifelong Devotion From Your Anybody

Continuously Create New Relationships

Build True Love From Scratch

Step By Step Blueprint For Making Anybody Fall In Love

Quickly Build Strong Lust

Generate Plausible Deniability

Zero to Bedroom in Minutes

Secrets Belief Busting

Destroy Your Own Beliefs

Calmly Dismantle Others’ Beliefs

Have Fun With Religious Zealots

Destroy Your Enemies’ Confidence

Obliterate Political Opponents Paradigms

Sneaky Power – Personality Destruction (Dangerous!)

Stop Stalkers Cold

Obliterate Enemies For Good

Weaponized Language

Get Anybody To Leave You Alone Forever

Aikido Insult Flip Technique

Rope-A-Dope Insult Evaporation

Turn Vicious Insults Into Party Tricks

Helpful Belief Busting

Kindle Dismantle Their Limiting Beliefs

Secret Agent Belief Destruction

Generate An Army Of Fans

Session Descriptions
Smooth Charmer
Switch on your natural inner magnetism. Slightly alter your communication style so everybody that you speak with will naturally be shifted into a better mood. Leave everybody smiling when you’re finished with them.

Natural Conversations Skills

Easy Rapport Building

Instant Magnetism

Accelerated Closeness

Make Instant Friends

Be The Life of Any Party

Talk To Them So They’ll Never Forget You

Be Remembered Forever

Put Everybody In A Good Mood

All Eyes On You

Always Have Their Full Attention
Excitement Generator
Get people excited. Take that excitement and crank it up all the way. Then attach it to whatever you want. You, your business, your bedroom, anything.

Turning Any Interest Into Fascination

Multiply Good Feelings

Generate Rabid Interest

Quickly Build A Compelling Future

Link All Their Desires To You

Eradicate Any Hint of Objections

Rapidly Build Enthusiasm

Leverage and Link All Their Desires

Instant Conversational Mesmerism

Significantly Escalate Their Desires

Fill Their Minds With Bliss
Love Maker
Learn how to slowly and methodically build up those deep fantasies they love to associate with you. Learn how to take anybody, friend or stranger, and carefully elicit those wonderful feelings we all crave so much.

Build Love From Scratch

Enhance Existing Relationships

They’ll Never Ever Want To Leave You

Get Them Dreaming About You

Accelerated Relationship Building

Turn Friendships Hot With Passion

Give Them True Purpose

Get Them Associating Their Purpose With You

Turn Existing Relationships Into Romance Movies

Attach Any Romantic Feelings To You

Generate Mind Boggling Physical Anchors
Belief Destroyer
Never fear any ideas again. Destroy competing beliefs of your enemies. Calmly dismantle limiting beliefs in your friends, or even yourself. Never feel at a loss in conversations again.

Calmly Take Apart Any Belief

Lead Them To Easy Solutions

Help Friends Overcome Difficulties

Enhance Resourcefulness

Understand Reality Reframe-Ability

Easy Questions To Simple Solutions

Absolutely Non Confrontational

Simple Questions To Increased Understanding

Strengthen All Friendships

Build Positive Expectations

Help Build Their Positive Future
Natural Commands
Speak with the natural authority that others crave to hear. Learn why most people are eager for a leader to follow. Speak with the natural confidence and create passionate followers of your words.

Anchor Command Tonality

Use Their Words With Extreme Power

Slowly Alter Your Communication

Always Be Dominant

Easily Lead From Soft Strength

Massive Authority

Unstoppable Confidence

Always Their Idea

Always Speak With Confidence

Be Certain Of Their Obedience

You Speak – They Nod
Speak to them in a way so they’ll feel deep feelings of happiness. Create an aura of peace and contentment around your presence and the idea of you in their mind. Get them talking about wonderful ideas they’ve never even considered before.

Easy Self Generated Hypnosis

Idea Bubbles

Expansion of Desire Pictures

Spatial Anchoring of Wants

Either Or Love Spells

Focus Their Attention On Bliss

Leverage Happiness With Your Presence

Everybody Loves Talking To You

Always Instant and Deep Rapport

Create A Sphere of Connection

Deep Subconscious Coupling
Truth Finder
Never lose an argument again. Ever. Have the confidence to destroy any idea that isn’t backed by pure science. Even if you don’t understand the subject, you’ll be able to sniff out and obliterate false ideas in seconds.

Obliterate All Insults

Vanish Goofy Conspiracy Theories

Playfully Torment Religious Zealots

Easily Destroy False Arguments

Evaporate Questionable Statements

Never Be On The Defensive Again

Destroy Egotistical Maniacs

Negative Energy Destruction

Vaporize False Thoughts

Covertly Lead Them to Better Understandings

Manipulators and Gaslighters Flee In Terror
Master Mix
Use to fine tune your secret agent mind control power or blast your subconscious with all voices and all statements at once. Bathe your brain with more than 1700 voices all speaking at once, filling your mind with unstoppable covert power.

All Sessions Mixed

Gamma Master – Perfect For Real Time Social Activities

4V Theta Master – Quick Confidence Boost

256V Theta Master – Thousands of Voices

Overflow Your Subconscious with New Beliefs

Slow Growth In All Areas

Unstoppable Social Power

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