Brian Tracy – One-Day MBA

To Help You Succeed At This, I Created
the “One-Day MBA” Course…
Inside this life-changing course, I’ve included modules on…
Business Basics
The exact core aspects of business you need to master in order to be successful
Zero Based Thinking
The simple strategy to make decisions faster with what you know now
Marketing and Business Strategies
The evergreen and repeatable steps that drive any business to growth and success
Customer Satisfaction
The easy way to grow any business is by being “Customer-Centric.”
Profit Strategies
How to maximize profits and fuel your business no matter what industry you’re in
The 7 P’s of the Marketing Mix
The seven parts you need to master to make sure your business hits its sales goals
Superior Selling Strategies
The easy to separate yourself from your competition by outselling your competition
Leadership and Building a Great Team
The exact things every excellent team has and how to get them
Action Guides to Help Jump Start Your Progress!
Each module contains a “take action now” guide to work through so you can start getting results immediately

Author: stephan