Bill Mueller Story Sales Machine Black Friday Bundle

Bill Mueller – Story Sales Machine Black Friday Bundle

This is a done-with-you coaching program titled, “Story Launch Workshop.”

Access to all recordings for life (released each week after completion)
Access to all Worksheets and Homework assignments
Special group Q & A call with me after the workshop is complete
This hands-on training will make sure that you actually write and send emails to your list that instantly create a cash payday for yourself, followed by an ongoing sequence of emails that will educate, delight and — most importantly — generate sales on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Because that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it — sending emails and making money?

So here’s what we’ll be doing together over the course of four weeks so that you can turn your list into a steady and reliable profit-generating machine:

How to “wake up” and re-energize a cold list, even if you have neglected it.
Determine exactly what your audience wants to buy ahead of time without any guesswork whatsoever.
​Write and send a “presell” series of emails that will maximize the revenue payday you’re about to create for yourself.
Launch your offer to your list using a proven framework.
​Post-launch, how to “flip the switch” to an evergreen email strategy that continues to bring in sales on a daily basis for ongoing, steady revenue that brings predictability and stability to your business.
​A special bonus session where I pass along all my best email writing tips.
It’s called the “Endless Email Flywheel” because once you learn this system there will be no stopping your email marketing’s perpetual growth.

Access to four recorded sessions that take you through my entire process and workflow. (You’ll also get access to a fifth question-and-answer session I hosted during Week 5.)
Worksheets and prompts to simplify your email planning process (meaning you’ll never have to face a blank page again 🙂
This is a 4-week, hands-on workshop that not only reveals my complete system from A to Z … but will also make sure you actually write and send emails to your list.

This is a proven process to take full advantage and truly leverage what I consider to be the greatest asset in your business: your email list.

You’ll get the same step-by-step workflow I’ve used daily to churn out entertaining and sales-getting emails for myself and clients.

A simple process to understand exactly what your audience REALLY wants from your emails (and no, it’s not by sending out a survey). This will allow you to hit your prospects “where they live” with deeper pain points, as well as appeal to their most secretly held dreams.
How to analyze your product or service to uncover previously neglected angles to use in your emails that your audience will find irresistible.
Understand how email fits in beautifully with the “flywheel concept” that can put your business on a cycle of inevitable and exponential growth.
How to become an email idea generating machine so that you’ll never run out of ideas again, ever. (Goodbye, writer’s block!)
How to train yourself to easily pick up stories (and just as importantly, file them away) throughout your day (and believe me, they are everywhere).
Discover how to “reverse” your customer’s journey to write emails that give your readers what they need, precisely when they need it.
All my secret places for finding stories (this alone is worth the price of admission!)
My special “foaming the runway” strategy to make sure every email lands with maximum impact.
What so many get wrong about opening hooks.
How to turn any ordinary moment from your life into a profitable email.
My process on how to pick the right images and gifs for your emails. (And my No. 1 free source for getting them.)
A super-quick way to create your own gifs from virtually any video clip that exists online.
Tips on how to segue to your offer and why I say transitions are easier than easier than everyone makes them out to be. (But just in case you still need help, you get a 3-page document with nearly 100 ready-to-go transitions you can copy and paste 🙂
My answer to the classic chicken-and-egg question: Do I start with the story first or with what I’m trying to sell?
BONUS TRAINING: How to write your emails in half the time it currently takes you.
BONUS TRAINING: How to write the perfect welcome email so that your new subscriber bonds to you forever.
BONUS TRAINING: An extra fifth Q&A session devoted solely to answering questions. Note: This is not a live call. You’re receiving the recorded version of when I conducted this call last month.
First, I’ll show you how to train ChatGPT to be your own tireless personal research assistant, allowing you to have an endless supply of content ideas you can use in your emails or anywhere else in your business. This includes generating entertaining, relevant stories on demand that you can copy and paste into your emails. It also includes creating nearly unlimited hooks, angles, big ideas and unique mechanisms that apply to your product and your exact audience. In short, you’ll never run out of compelling and captivating ideas for your emails ever again. (This alone is a game-changer for anyone who would like to engage their list on a regular basis.)

Second, I’ll show you how to let ChatGPT write your emails FOR you. You’ll generate complete, copy-and-paste-able emails by using special, fill-in-the-blank prompts, resulting in engaging, compelling emails that create raving fans and generate instant clicks to your sales page or shopping cart. And you’ll do it in just a few minutes rather than the long blocks of time quality emails usually require.

Third, we’ll refine those emails into your own unique voice so that no one would ever guess you got a little help from AI :-). This business of refining the drafts that ChatGPT gives you is key. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can get a perfect email “straight out of the box” from AI. It’s just not true. The final revisions are crucial. They take an email from being 80{b034bb0b41ad3a839e67bdab8dfa8b1ca09d11ee7dcb75c8dc96e7f7e6ac1e1c} to 90{b034bb0b41ad3a839e67bdab8dfa8b1ca09d11ee7dcb75c8dc96e7f7e6ac1e1c} ready-to-go to the finish line. And believe me, it’s that final 20{b034bb0b41ad3a839e67bdab8dfa8b1ca09d11ee7dcb75c8dc96e7f7e6ac1e1c} to 30{b034bb0b41ad3a839e67bdab8dfa8b1ca09d11ee7dcb75c8dc96e7f7e6ac1e1c} that makes all the difference in terms of engagement and conversion.

Lastly, I’ll give you my grab bag of tips and tricks to get amazing output even faster. I’ll also show you how to let AI plan entire email sequences for you.

1. Three Workshop Working Sessions

Session No. 1 — The Research Phase

Session No. 2 — Writing Your Story-Based Emails Using ChatGPT

Session No. 3 — The Editing Phase

Session No. 4 — Writing Your Personal Stories with ChatGPT

(Please note that all sessions have already been completed and recorded. They’re “in the can,” so to speak, ready for you to view — and use! — whenever you’re ready)

2. Lectures + Working Sessions

I’ll spend the first little bit of each session giving you exactly what you need to begin the implementation of our goals together. After the lecture portion, you’ll see me set aside time to actually work with the live participants on how to implement everything. You’ll get to be a “fly on the wall” as we produce emails in real time, and edit them to completion.

3. Feedback and Q&A

After each work session, I’ll be answering questions and review some examples right there on the call, showing participants how to take an AI email from good to great.

4. Access To All Workshop Recordings

You will have lifetime access to all the recordings, handouts, transcripts, worksheets, samples and any other digital assets we use during the workshop. Those will be available within 24 hours after each session is completed. These will be invaluable as you can take them and review them any time you want to create as many email campaigns as you want.


To make sure you have ongoing resources to continue helping you when the workshop is over, I’m also throwing in the following bonus:


38 Evergreen Email Samples

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