Matt Leitz And Liz Raad Ebusiness Institute

Matt Leitz and Liz Raad – eBusiness Institute

At the end of this course, you will know how to…

Safely buy profitable websites with instant remote income or profit potential
Increase website cash-flow with fast, simple renovations – even if you currently have zero website experience
Build a 6-figure website portfolio that make money for you each month – whether you work or not
Make remote income a part of your life so you can work the hours you want, where you want, with no inventory and no debt!
What You Get:
Digital Investors Program
Module 1 – Introduction
Module 2 – Quick Start Guide
Module 3 – Essential Accounts Setup
Module 4 – Buying Smart
Module 5 – Website Transfer & Setup
Module 6 – Renovation
Module 7 – Selling
Module 8 – Outsourcing
Q&A Sessions
Fast-Track Workshop
WebDev Accelerator
Module 1 – Prepare For Launch
Module 2 – Accelerated Accounts Setup
Module 3 – Shortcuts for SEO
Module 4 – Super-Fast Sitemapping
Module 5 – High Performance Home Page
LEGACY – Accelerate Website Build
NEW! Module 6 – Elementor Website Build
Module 7 – Making Money From Websites
Digital Kickstarter
Module 1 – Introduction
Module 2 – Entrepreneurial Data
Module 3 – Commercial Website Design
Module 4 – Social Media Success
Module 5 – Future Digital Trends
Words Of Wealth Mindset Program

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