Vince Opra – Content Agency Blueprint

What You Get:
Module 1 – The Fundamentals
Welcome to the program!
The business model explained
The full-time fastlane
Choosing your niche
Setting up agency foundations
Module 2 – Letting Your Mind Thrive
Focus & discipline the weapons of the greats
Becoming your own hero
How to build strong habits
How meditation can help you in business
The thing that makes or breaks you (feedback loops)
Sleep hacking 101
How to structure your days for productivity
My morning routine
My night time routine
Module 3 – Finding Clients & Setting Meetings
How to find leads
How to store & track leads
The different outreach methods
Cold messaging
The outreach script [DOWNLOAD]
Module 4 – Putting Systems In Place
How to get paid
Automating client content output
Storing & organising content
Content approval process
Effective communication
Pricing your services
Module 5 – Sales
Reframing your mindset about sales
How to prepare for sales calls
The sales process
Objection handling
Studying your calls
The sales script [DOWNLOAD]
Module 6 – Service Delivery
[Youtube] Understanding the platform
[Youtube] Creating the perfect title
[Youtube] Creating the perfect thumbnail
[Youtube] Creating the perfect tags & description
[Youtube] (LIVE) Niche research
[Youtube] (LIVE) Ranking a video
Case Study: How we made $15k+ in program sales to our client with organic YouTube content
[Instagram] Understanding the platform
[Instagram] Instagram content types
[Instagram] How to write good copy
[Instagram] Automating content output
How to find great contractors
Module 7 – The Beginning Of The Journey
What separates people who succeed vs fail
Bonus resources
YT Video: How I Learned to Speak English Fluently as a Teen – 3 Tips To Improve Your English
YT Video: My top 7 Items to Maximise Productivity as an Entrepreneur!
YT Video: Is The Agency Space too Saturated in 2020?
YT Video: 5 Tips for Beginner Entrepreneurs – w/ my mentor
YT Video: Tips for Getting Agency Clients as a Teenager
YT Video: The BIGGEST AGENCY MISTAKE I Made When I Got Started (lost client)

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