Perry Marshall Google Ads Mastery 2021-22

Six Modules to Google Ads Mastery:
Module #1: Bidding
How the various smart bidding models work…and EXACTLY how to use them to maximize your returns
What to do if you choose NOT to use them…be very, VERY careful
How to give the machine the right “target”…and avoid MASSIVE stupidity tax
Module #2: Targeting
The news of the death of Keywords has been greatly exaggerated…here’s what you need to know about them now
How to “layer” audiences over your Search and Shopping campaigns
How to navigate the Audience options for Google Display Network and YouTube
Audiences and Smart Bidding…how to combine their power
Module #3: Messaging
How to use Responsive Search Ads vs. Expanded Text Ads for search…and a big warning about RSA reporting
How-to’s and Not-to’s for Shopping Ads, Showcase, and Local Inventory Ads
Using Google Cloud Platform tools to get insight into what your customers think
Responsive Display Ads vs Image Ads?
Video: Trueview, Action vs Reach + Bumpers…are you up to speed?
What’s up with Gmail?
Module #4: Date & Measurement
Why data is uber important in a machine learning world
Are you feeding the machine the right data, or putting garbage in and getting garbage out?
How to import conversions for accurate data
What you need to know about Google Click ID
What to watch out for with Pay Per Conversion
A look at Google Data Studio – Get Mike’s ROAS template
Module #5: Optimizing Your Accounts
What you need to consider in your planning process
How to scale your campaigns … what’s reasonable?
Module #6: What It All Means for Your Future
What these changes might mean for you as a supplier of ad management (either as an agency or a practitioner in this world)
Explaining the My Client Dashboard
Understanding the optimization score and the red badge
What will your job look like in …2025!?

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