100{e5e8175e72a2583d0d67710e655c2175cb5388feca5bffb6858da8ca33c2eac8} Over the Shoulder Facebook Ads from the Ground Up

How You Can Drive Low-Cost Traffic, Leads or Sales With “Facebook Ads” To Any Business, Even If You Have Zero Experience

What you’ll learn
How to get started with absolutely no previous experience. This course will take anyone from no ad acct to running their first ad!
Complete over the shoulder walk through from creating your account to running first ad. No boring PowerPoints, all learning is inside the platform
87{e5e8175e72a2583d0d67710e655c2175cb5388feca5bffb6858da8ca33c2eac8} of U.S. marketers will use Facebook marketing in 2021 21 Billion spent on Ads
Detailed navigation and explanation of the Ad Platform backend. Learn how to navigate the backend like a pro.
The secrets I’ve learned after over 15,000 hours of Ad Management
How to confidently navigate throughout the platform
What to do if lost, wrong screen or not sure what to do next
How to effectively plan your first ad, find your target audience and build great ads
What is a Facebook Pixel and how can I maximise all its benefits
Start with Facebook 101, we assume your know nothing and build you a strong foundation of learning
Detailed navigation, explanation and overview of the elements of the Facebook Platform, the Ad Account, the Business Manager and the Fan Page
Detialed explanation of the types of Audiences you can advertise to on Facebook and how to find your Perfect Targeted Audience
How to feel confident exploring and navigating the Ad Manager itself and not waste time trying to find out where to go next
How to Add Ad Accounts to your Business Manager, add Pixels, add Fan Pages add people. Detailed step by step overview and direction
How to review and sort your ads by date, type of ad, amount spent … all the practical and useful steps needed for effective management of your ads and time
Adding your billing information and other details easily into your account
Detailed explanation of what an ad is, how its setup what are the elements and what exactly you need to know to effectively manage and run your ads
How to create a fan page, give access to it to other people, detailed information on the permission levels for each fan page and what those even are
Mistakes to avoid when it comes to fan pages and your team. How one simple check of a box can save your fan page from being deleted
Fully understand what the Facebook Pixel is, how you can properly install it and use it to manage your ads
Explaining how to manage and target audiences based on website visitors, an existing customer list or anyone who watch a video or interacted with your ad
How to build cold traffic ads that will bring NEW customer to your site and not serve the ad over and over to same people
How to create unique audiences and avoid the mistake most marketers make and show the same ad to the same people over and over
Create an over the shoulder 100{e5e8175e72a2583d0d67710e655c2175cb5388feca5bffb6858da8ca33c2eac8} walk through of 6 of the most effective ads types!
What are the key metrics and KPIs every pro marketer look and and review on a daily basis
Here’s what’s different about this course:

It’s 100{e5e8175e72a2583d0d67710e655c2175cb5388feca5bffb6858da8ca33c2eac8} over the shoulder done in the program with ZERO whiteboard!
And taught by a marketer who has over 15,000 hours running Facebook Ads and has managed millions in Ad spend. One that has been invited to Facebook Campus, had Quarterly Review of Accounts, and weekly Facebook Rep Team Calls. Facebook invested tens of thousands in my Agency and I want to pass that learning on to you!
No boring powerpoints or vague information, clear, direct, and over-the-shoulder lessons on everything you need to know to get started and master Facebook Ads.

Let me share something with you, after Managing Tens of Millions in Ad Spend here’s 3 KEY ELEMENTS I’ve learned:

✔ Just navigating is the largest hurdle to the platform

✔ The fundamentals can work every time

✔ Elaborate is not better

It’s true, most marketers today, know the value of Facebook but with so much out there, are unsure where to start and who to listen to. Running a large-scale agency, here are 2 THINGS I have to come to realize.

✔ 99{e5e8175e72a2583d0d67710e655c2175cb5388feca5bffb6858da8ca33c2eac8} of my clients could do it themselves if they simply watched this course

✔ 99{e5e8175e72a2583d0d67710e655c2175cb5388feca5bffb6858da8ca33c2eac8} of Marketers are leaving money on the table by NOT relying on fundamental principles and are chasing the NEXT SHINY OBJECT

After over 15,000 hours managing Facebook ads and millions of ad spend here is ONE ABSOLUTE TRUTH

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